Ternopil Orphanage

Ternopil Orphanage has 80 children ages 6-17, plus they have absorbed 20 displaced persons from nearby areas who need help and the staff of the orphanage. Due to the large number of children, it is too risky and too difficult to evacuate the orphanage, so they are forced to stay. They are unable to find basic supplies and requested basic hygiene items, clothes, school supplies and food, this first delivery was provided by Vienna Mission for Ukraine.

Due to the frequent air raid sirens, the children are forced to spend many hours in the basement and power banks were requested. This orphanage also identified another nearby orphanage requiring food and hygiene supplies, an additional 60 people were assisted.

Living in an orphanage during a war with frequent air raids is hard. Ruffian Restaurant in New York City conducted a fundraiser that allowed us to deliver food, sweets, supplies and toys to an orphanage in Ternopil Oblast. The children were thankful and the director planned to share with another orphanage nearby so that more children could have a little bit of joy.

UAid Direct is a Ukrainian registered charity foundation. Reg number: 44710733