Our Mission

To provide direct help to those in Ukraine who do not have a choice in war. Our focus is on helping women and children that are often overlooked, neglected, vulnerable and unable to evacuate: orphanages, nursing homes, domestic violence shelters, safe homes and hospitals.

We take food, medicine, hygiene supplies and clothing via the quickest and safest route into Ukraine, often able to deliver within 48-72 hours of receiving an order. As a completely volunteer-led effort, we use 100% of your donations to carry out our mission.

Our Approach

We work in three simple layers:

  1. Requests, verification and prioritisation. Each request for help we receive is vetted by a dedicated team of four people with direct contacts in Ukraine. We ensure these are highest priority and their need for help is urgent.
  2. Sourcing and storage. Once verified, each request is picked up by our dedicated sourcing team operating in Przemysl, Poland. We do our best to source from existing donations, but our work relies on your help with both goods and funding.
  3. Transport and follow up. Once our sourcing team is ready, the goods are labelled and loaded with one of our drivers. We use a network of trusted Ukrainian and international drivers.

About us

UAid Direct is a volunteer led group of like-minded individuals. As per our mission, we have determined a niche where we can be most effective. Some of our group have experience all over the world with various crisis situations, others have gained invaluable expertise and knowhow since the start of the war. UAid Direct has no religious affiliation.


  • 180+ aid deliveries since the beginning of April 2022 to 60+ locations.
  • 700+ pallets of goods distributed.
  • 11,000,000L worth of water purification tablets distributed across all the front line oblasts.
  • Medical supplies ranging from cancer, trauma, psychiatric, female care to over the counter.
  • Generators supporting hospitals, GP practices and liberated communities
  • Tens of tons of non-perishable food.

Our Completed Missions

How you can help

100% of donations are used to carry out our mission.

Donate Goods

Food, medicine, hygiene items, clothing and equipment.

Financial Donations

These can be general or specific. For example, for helping children, helping with our transport network (vehicle purchase or fuel costs) or for specific goods.

Help Us

We welcome your help. If you would like to help us with transport, warehousing or sourcing get in touch.

Financial donations


UAid Direct

UAid Direct is a Ukrainian registered charity foundation. Reg number: 44710733